Well that’s just clever. To The Astronauts: well played.

A studio best known for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter plays a trailer that starts out with some slow, deliberate first-person walking in a beautiful but strangely desolate environment pretty much leads you to the safe assumption that they’d be making another forensic narrative. And you could not be more wrong.

They’re a studio comprised of three former members of People Can Fly, the folks behind the unexpectedly critical favorite Bulletstorm. If you never played that, picture the exact opposite of Ethan Carter. And this trailer is made to remind you that hey, they still remember how to fuck shit up.

Witchfire is a game chock-full of monsters, including skeletons, zombies, and giant demon armadillos. The cool bit seems to be that you can cast spells such as this wicked dash thing and something that blasts everything around you into the sky. And, I guess depending on what you count as magic, a shotgun that casts fiery hot death.

Sorry, though, no release date or platforms were included.