If you’d forgotten Dreams existed, you’d be forgiven. Media Molecule, a studio best known for LittleBigPlanet, first showed it off at PlayStation Meeting 2013 and then we got a teaser at E3 2015, but then that was kind of it. And even then, we knew very little about what it was other than a thing that could allow you to create bandmates.

At least now we know more about the things you can create. There’s a top-down shooter, a flight simulator, a racer, and a bevy of platforming sequences. Maybe you’re creating dreams for the fedora guy so he can sleep? Or maybe he’s one of the things you end up making? There’s still a lot of questions here.

But gosh does it look like something I’d be way into. Like, dangerously into. LittleBigPlanet hooked me bad and I expect Dreams to do the same.

Look for it in 2018 on the PlayStation 4.