A Future of Chatbots

When the machines start talking back.

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Fallout 4: Nuka-World Review

To the close-enough-to-the-top of the mountain.

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You Should Probably Play Obduction

Never has the oblique and enigmatic been so arresting.

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PlayStation 4 Pro Event Recap — Specs, Games, and More

Come look at a bunch of shiny human faces.

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Trailer Roundup — Friday the 13th, Serial Cleaner, and More

It's okay to be afraid of Fridays, right?

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ReCore and Knowing It’s Over

Don't be the last one at the party.

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You Should Probably Play Alone With You

More like alone with this beauty of a game.

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The Dependability of Phoenix Wright in Spirit of Justice

Found guilty of being pretty dang good.

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Trailer Roundup — Westworld, Dusk, and More

What more do you need besides cowboy robots?

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Snowden Review

Someone should have blown the whistle on this one.

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The Best Thing About Forza Horizon 3

The sky isn't the only thing that's high.

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You Should Probably Play The Bunker

Hunker down and brace for impact.

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