Wow this looks oppressive as all get out.

Hopefully in a good way. Set in an “apocalyptic winter,” Black Forest Games has revealed Fade to Silence, their new survival game being published by THQ Nordic. You’ll play as a dude named Ash as you try to build survivor refuges while pushing back against “Eldritch creatures” of the wilderness. Basically, it sounds like everything wants you dead and gosh you’re probably gonna die.

It’s pretty interesting to read through the Steam page description of the game. There’s several paragraphs of Bright Lights, Big City-style second-person storytelling that’s pretty cool, even if the rest of the game sounds exactly like what you’d expect it to sound like. Like, aren’t we done being excited for humongous open worlds?

It enters Early Access on Steam for PC in just two days on December 14, 2017.