Well, that was kind of sad.

Square Enix finally returned to the stage at E3 after three years of opting simply for a booth on the floor and, uh, things were pretty lackluster. A lot of it has to do with the fact that we’ve already seen a lot of their stuff with Microsoft, but also the new stuff was limited to two teasers and very little information.

This is while knowing that they have things like the Final Fantasy VII remake, The Avengers Project, and something for Guardians of the Galaxy on deck. Like, what happened? Did they forget they sent the trailers to Xbox? Or perhaps they forgot they have other projects to show off? It’s so very confusing how underwhelming this thing was.

But let’s carry on, I guess.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Hey yeah, not a bad thing to show! The expanded stealth options are pretty interesting considering the extent of stealth before was crouching in the shrubbery and choking dudes from behind. But now you can turn enemies on one another and Predator-style smother yourself in mud to go extra stealth. I’m into it.

Look for it to release on September 14, 2018, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit

Okay, so this isn’t actually the trailer they showed during the event, but I figured it was better than embedding the same one from the Xbox briefing. Plus, it’s closer to that one since you get to hear the co-directors Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch talk about the game and their goal for it leading into the second season of Life is Strange.

It releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 26, 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV x Monster Hunter: World

Yeah, okay, why not. I appreciate them putting whatever crosses their minds into Monster Hunter: World. It’s fun and inconsequential and, most importantly, fun. So yeah, let’s get some Final Fantasy up in them guts.

Expect it to come to fruition this summer.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

This game is already out in Japan. It’s apparently pretty good.

Babylon’s Fall

Listen, anything from PlatinumGames excites me, even if the quality of their various teams are all over the place. Just the prospect of what the game could be is exciting. But this trailer is pretty much nothing. It tells us that the game exists, it’s coming out on the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2019, and it has at least one (1) sword.

Just Cause 4

That’s pretty wild. This fictional country apparently suffers blizzard and tornados and sandstorms as daily events, and based on the trailer, it looks like you’re going to be able to create cool interactions with these natural phenomena. It also looks like the grappling hook is going to do a lot more and do it better than before, which is a thankful fix since Just Cause 3 handled kind of rough.

It releases on December 4, 2018, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Quiet Man

From what this trailer says, this is some bonkers blend of live-action FMV and some sort of brawler gameplay that features a deaf man? It can also apparently be finished in one sitting, as the YouTube video’s description says, which is quite the turn. But hey, it’s exploring a rarely shared experience in a video game, and I’m all for that.

More news is coming in August, but we do know it’s releasing for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Kingdom Hearts III

This is the same trailer as they showed during the Microsoft briefing.

It releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan on January 25, 2019, and everywhere else on January 29, 2019.