The year for Xbox One owners was a strong one, though also somewhat odd. But in a good way. It was a lot of sequels from some powerhouse franchises, but there were also a few brand spanking new gems in there. So whether you’re looking for something new or something new-old, this has got you covered.

Gears of War 4$59.99

Even if you’re tightly committed to absorbing every single scrap of Gears of War lore you can get your Lancer-shaped hands on, there’s not a lot of meat to these bones, though it is serviceable. Instead, what you’ll be coming for is the top-notch Horde mode and staying for the top-notch Horde mode. And, probably, all the shooting you can do in the campaign, but fuck yeah Horde mode.

Available for $59.99.

Quantum Break$49.84

There’s a whole lot of Quantum Break that shouldn’t work, least of all its cross-media strategy for storytelling. But it all congeals into this fantastic mess of sci-fi action, time traveling shenanigans, and some really great acting. Oh, and all the time powers you get? Those are fucking dope.

Available for $49.84.

Forza Horizon 3$59.99

The absolute best thing about Forza Horizon 3 is that it fully believes that you will and absolutely wants you to have the best time ever. It’s joyous at every layer, from its simple attitude towards itself and the player to how it handles. There’s plenty of beautiful cars and gorgeous terrain and it just wants you to smash those two things together as hard and as often as possible.

Available for $59.99.

Dead Rising 4$59.99

Admittedly, Dead Rising 4 is kind of a mess, but it’s a well put together mess. It’s as fine as the franchise has ever put out in terms of mechanical refinement, and despite some steps backwards, it still pumps out all the ridiculous fun it always has with endless zombies and nearly endless weapon combinations. There’s nothing wrong with wasting away a weekend with this.

Available for $59.99.


Okay, fine, not really an Xbox One exclusive, but I’ll take any opportunity to convince people to play Superhot. It’s a simple premise: time only moves when you move. But it immediately dives into the incredible consequences of that small wrinkle in terms of gameplay. It really goes out on a limb trying to make sure you never do something boring.

Available for $24.99.